Easy and Simple recipes for Kids Lunch box
18 Dec

One of the biggest concerns for all moms would be, “What should I pack for my kid’s lunch today?” Finding ideas for your child’s lunch box can be a challenging task for many moms. This becomes a task if your little ones are picky and fussy about food. Food that you pack for kids to school must be interesting as well as healthy. Kids’ tastes are different, some would prefer rice based dishes to rotis or chapatis while some prefer finger food like rolls and sandwiches. As moms, you need to look out for a variety of food ideas so that your kids do not get bored of their lunch box snack or meal everyday.

Food in the Tiffin box should always be healthy as it ensures healthy eating habits in your child right from the beginning.  Some interesting and easy suggestions for lunch/ snacks recipes for kids are:

Kawan Paratha WrapsEasy snack recipes online

Paratha Wraps are one of the most nutritious and filling meals that your kid will love. Add some veggies, cheese and some extra sauce to the paratha and a yummy roll is ready for their tiffin. Kawan has different flavors like Multigrain Paratha, Whole wheat, Onion paratha etc. so that kids will not get bored of the taste. These frozen parathas would be a time saver for all busy moms as it requires only 3 minutes to prepare.

Bread RollsBread roll recipe

Make some potato stuffing as per your Kid’s taste. Don’t forget to add some small veggies to it to make it nutritious. Deep fry it and yummy bread rolls for your kid is ready to be packed. Convenient and easy for them to have at school.



Apples and Peanut ButterHealthy snack for kids

A quick, light lunch or a delicious snack for your kids. Slice an apple into wedges. Spread the peanut butter evenly among the slices and Enjoy! It is good to make it a habit for kids to eat at least one fruit everyday. This way it will improve their health and help them stay energetic and fit.


Simple Cheesy SandwichSandwich recipe for kids tiffin

Kids are more likely to pick out all the vegetables in a sandwich when given in their lunch box. When your child is not happy with too many ingredients in his sandwich filling, you can try a cheese sandwich. It has lots of cheese and some greens which is healthy for kids.


The above ideas will end your struggle with creating your kids’ lunchbox snacks. Make sure that the snacks that you give your kids to eat at school are tasty as well as healthy. Kids learn to eat independently on their own at school and you should make the best use of it.


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