Valentine recipe for Dinner
13 Feb

Who says Parathas aren’t romantic?

Parathas can be a great way to celebrate the most romantic holiday of the year. You think Parathas aren’t sexy or exotic? Parathas are all about love – love on a platter. Its warm fuzzy feel good yumminess evokes a feeling of comfort, familiarity and togetherness. It’s the feeling of coming home after a long and tiring day of work to rest your head on the lap of your loved one. It is the feeling of knowing that somethings will never change – be it the constant love between the two of you or the joy that biting into a golden paratha will bring. It is simple, delicious and incomparable.

What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day that with a nice cozy meal? Worried because you aren’t a great cook. Don’t worry. With Kawan Parathas, it’s as simple as 1-2-3. All you have to do it open the pack, put it in a pan, heat it, flip it and it’s done. All within just 3 minutes. Keep the love brewing this Valentine’s Day with these simple recipes that you can create using Kawan Parathas.

Classic Paratha Valentine’s Day Recipes
At its simplest, a plain paratha can be nothing short of a delight. It can be eaten as is, with a sprinkle of salt or few pieces of onions. We also offer a range of parathas to suit your palate – Flakey Paratha, Tawa Paratha, Multi-Grain Paratha, Whole Wheat Paratha (for the health conscious), the multi-layered Malabar Paratha. You can even opt for our stuffed version – Onion Paratha. Add a wodge of butter and a side of dahi or pickles to complete this simple yet wonderful meal.

Mexican Twist Paratha
Add a bit of a Mexican twist to our desi delight. This tangy and delicious dish is sure to leave your better half really impressed. Find the recipe to create Mexican Twist Paratha here.

Masala Potato Wraps
This simple and incredibly flavoursome recipe is great for the one who loves a bit of spiciness in the meals. The best part is that you can even swap the potatoes with chicken or meat for a simple non-vegetarian option as well.
Click here to check out the recipe for Masala Potato Wrap.

Cheese Chilli Potato Rolls
One of our favourites, this drool-some recipe is so simple that it can soon turn into a regular dish at your household. Another variation that you can try for this dish is by cutting the paratha dough into smaller squares before frying to make mini bite-size cheese rolls. Find out how to make Cheese Chilli Potato Rolls by clicking here.

Kawan Apple Pie 
For those with a sweet tooth, this awesome apple pie recipe is healthy as well as delicious. It makes a great dessert to a wonderful meal created with lots of love and care. Click here for the recipe for Kawan Apple Pie.

Find a wide variety of recipes to try out on our Recipe Page valentine’s day Recipes.
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