desi kawan paratha
16 Dec

Indian food is often considered to be hot, greasy and fattening. Although desi food is one of the most delicious, flavoursome and exciting cuisines in the world, nowadays people tend to opt for Western fast food while ignoring traditional cuisine. What people do not realize is that the various authentic spices used to cook this food are filled with healthy vitamins, antioxidants and much more. Here are 5 reasons why Indian food is much healthier than its Western counterparts. 


  1. Indian food includes a large array of fresh vegetables and fruit cooked in numerous ways that help retain their freshness and nutrients. A lot of cooking processes tend to cause vegetables and fruits to lose its inherent nutrients and other health benefits, but this is not the case in  Indian cooking. Thus, Indian food allows you to enjoy their health benefits in a more enjoyable way than their original form.
  2. The use of fresh and healthy ingredients is a common factor in all Indian cooking. This way you can be sure that you are consuming only the best of ingredients and avoiding means that do not provide the nutrients that you require. 
  3. Spices like turmeric, ginger, garlic, and green chillies – all of which have medicinal and healing properties are used while making desi food. Not only do these spices add flavour and aroma to the dish but they come packed with health benefits. 
  4. Most Indian meals include carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and fibers, all of which are elements that you need for a balanced diet.
  5. Yogurt/curd is something that is often used in Indian food and foods. Made from fermented milk, it keeps the digestive tract healthy due to the good bacteria that they contain. They are also packed with calcium, which means eating them regularly can help you keep from gaining excess body fat, help avoid diabetes and coronary heart disease.


So there you have it, there is more to Indian food than you might think. If you’d like to start consuming more of desi food but don’t have the time for elaborate meals, then try Kawan Frozen Paratha. The authentic taste of India in just 3 minutes. Pair it with some fresh curd or achar for extra taste! Try it today at 

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