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19 Feb


There is something almost magical about the simple dark coloured drink that seems to capture the taste buds of us Indians. And tea with paratha – what could be a more classic combination?

A majority of Indians start their days with this desi breakfast.

Although Kawan Paratha tastes wonderful with any kind of side dish, here are five types of Indian tea, that you should try out with your paratha in the morning!

Masala Chai

This aromatic and flavourful beverage provides the right kind of kick-start to your day. Brewed along with spices like elaichi, cinnamon, ginger and cloves, it can be consumed black or white. It’s great at preventing body inflammation and beating fatigue.

Butter Tea

This unique concoction popular also known as gur gur is consumed mostly in the Himalayan regions of India. It is made with tea leaves, butter, water and salt! It is quite high in calories since it contains butter, but makes a great choice for those who loves a little makkan both on their paratha and their tea.

Tulsi Tea

Herbal and full of anti-viral properties, this tea is comforting and refreshing at the same time. It is an effective cure for sore throat and a great way to start the day. The many benefits of tulsi makes this a delicious and healthy breakfast drink.

Jaggery Tea

Perfect for monsoon, this sweet and strong tea is made by boiling jaggery with ground spices like pepper and coriander seeds. A bit of dried ginger adds to the refreshing flavour of this drink. It is a great way to do away with monday blues or even a cold.

Karak Chai

Though it was originated in the Middle East, Karak chai is a popular exotically flavoured tea that is quite popular in India. Made with mixing black tea with a combination of milk, sugar and aromatic Indian herbs and spices, some even a tiny bit condensed or evaporated milk to it. It has got a smooth velvet-like and intoxicating aroma.

Whatever the chai, the best companion for your tea is always Kawan’s 3 minute parathas. Ready in just 3 minutes, it gives you ample time to sit leisurely and sip away your tea and munch on your parathas without having to rush to work. Order Kawan today to enjoy with one of these delightful cups of tea!

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