how to stay healthy
01 Feb

Every once in a while all of us decide to swear off junk food and go down a healthier route. But we also end up giving up on it because most of us are supremely lazy to whip up a gluten free, calorie free meal everyday. Besides, its just so much easier to simply reach for a large bag of chips when you get the munchies, right? Trying to stay fit when you’re a lazy person can seem like quite an unlikely feat. Incorporating healthy eating into our everyday lives is always the dream, but it’s quite difficult to execute. But what if there’s a way to be healthy when you’re feeling lazy? If you’ve been trying hard to get back into a healthy lifestyle, but you just didn’t know how, here are 5 ways to stay and eat healthy even when you’re feeling lazy.

Drink A Cold, Non-Caffeinated Drink

When you just don’t want to exercise for the day or you’d just rather chill on the couch, a quick way to feel healthy is by drinking a lot of fluids, especially during the summer. We are often tired because we are dehydrated and our brain needs fluid. Iced water, lemonade or any diluted fruit juice will work. Make all of these readily available in your fridge so you can just grab and go.

Freezer meals

Freezer meals are a great help for the busy and the lazy lot. Have some quick ready to eat meals in your freezer for your hunger pangs. While there are various unhealthy versions of freezer meals out there in the market,  Kawan paratha is one of the healthiest options you can get. Kawan offers a varieties of healthy parathas like whole wheat, multigrain etc which you can make in just 3 minutes. Throw in a few sliced veggies or steamed chicken to give it a healthier twist. .

Eat A Handful of Nuts

Nuts are a great filler for those times when you feel like snacking right before a meal. Not only is it packed with proteins and good fats, it can also give you a boost if you are feeling lethargic. A handful of nuts can go a long way.

Scramble eggs in the microwave

Scrambled eggs can be a messy affair. Just the thought of washing up afterwards can make you avoid cooking it. But here’s a tip: whisk them up in a microwavable Tupperware box and season it.  Pop them into the microwave for a couple of minutes. And you’re done! Delicious scrambled eggs with maximum taste and minimal washing up. A very useful tip for the BUSY and the LAZY ones!

Snack on Veggies or Fruits

Even the best of us gets up at night for a random midnight snack. And you wonder what to eat at this odd hour? Cooking something for yourself at that hour would not be an option. So, the best way is to have a snack at hand. And by snack, we do not mean a candy bar or a bag of chips. Always have a  bowl of minced fruits or vegetables  fruit  in your freezer. It is a great and easy option to reach for to satisfy midnight hunger pangs.

Now you know what to do when you get hungry when you’re trying to stay healthy and you are too lazy at the same time. You don’t have to be on a strict diet to be healthy. Give yourself a treat every once in a while and use these tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle without feeling overwhelmed.

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