How to eat healthy in busy lifestyle
25 Dec

How many days have you had where you’ve felt so overwhelmingly busy that the thought of eating was the last thing on your mind? And when your tummy starts reminding you, the first place you obviously turn to is a fast-food joint. Because that’s the easiest option available. Right? WRONG!

Between hectic schedules and looming deadlines, eating healthy can seem like an impossible feat. Here’s some good news.  It can be done. And it doesn’t even take that much effort.

Here are 5 tips to take up a healthy option when you are running short of time.

Bye-bye junk food

Go to your kitchen, pick up every single item in there that can be classified as junk food and throw it away. Yes, even that secret stash at your office desk. Do it now! This might seem brutal and the first few days without your bag of chips or candy bars can make you feel like you are caught in a bad dream. But the reason for taking this drastic measure is simple. If there is no junk food to snack on, then the only choice left is healthy food.   

Snack like a pro

Stock up on dried fruits, nuts of all kinds, whole grain goodies and even a slab of dark chocolate as a treat. Preparing healthy snacks at home hardly takes 5 minutes and you can prepare in bulk to use for the whole week. Smoothies are your best bet. They are both filling and easy to prepare as well as store. There are countless number of varieties of smoothies, so you can try something new everyday.

Breakfast is king

Do not skip your breakfast- ever! Think of your body as a car that needs to go on a long trip. You are not about to start your journey without filling up your tank with fuel, right? In the same way, your body needs “fuel” to help it keep going throughout the day. Again smoothies are a great option. Whole wheat toast or parathas, multi-grain corn flakes, oats are also quick and easy to make.

The Power of the freezer

When it comes to saving time, frozen food is your best friend. There are many who cringe at the thought of frozen food. But guess what, frozen food is currently recognized as being as healthy as fresh food if not more. The health benefit of frozen food is that the freezing process locks the nutrients of the food within itself. It also prevents a whole lot of wastage. Kawan Paratha’s range of multigrain and whole wheat parathas are the perfect addition to your diet. Taking just 3 minutes to prepare, Kawan parathas provides you wholesome goodness without much effort.  Kawan, which is the largest global paratha brand is now available online at helping you save even more time!

Eating out wisely  

If you are someone who is constantly on the road and have absolutely no time to cook then dining at restaurants becomes your only option. But even this can be turned healthy. The only thing to remember is to make your orders diligently. Choose grilled over fried food. Don’t skip the salad bar. Befriend salads and soups. Try to ignore the dessert section and opt for a fresh fruit or vegetable juice instead.

The most important thing is to just keep it simple. Cooking or eating healthy should not be adding more stress to your already stressful life. Try simple recipes, likes the ones available on our recipe page

Hope these pointers will help you get started on your journey towards a wholesome lifestyle. For more tips and tricks, check out our other posts on health and cooking. Have fun and happy healthy eating!

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