Whole wheat snacks
25 May

Who wouldn’t love the idea of relishing a hot and crispy whole wheat paratha slathered with a generous spoonful of butter? Mouth-watering, isn’t it? These golden delights make for a common North Indian breakfast.

A good way to make them a healthy meal is to use lesser oil and use healthier fillings. If you haven’t thought about this yet, we can help you decide some of the healthy fillings you can add to your whole wheat parathas to make it healthy yet delicious.

Stir Fried Veggies

A filling of stir fried vegetables would make an ideal meal or snack for anyone who likes a bit of crunch. Spread some sauce and cheese onto a Kawan Whole Wheat Paratha and roll it up with hot stir-fried veggies. This is also a great snack for a kids’ lunch to school as it is easy to prepare while being tasty and healthy as well.

Mushroom Roll

Meals that look different and interesting tends to easily please everyone‘s appetite. Make a simple mushroom mix with chopped mushrooms and a variety of spices, heat Kawan whole wheat paratha for 3 minutes and spread the spicy filling evenly onto it and roll it like a Swiss roll, cut it into 2 pieces and serve hot. Healthy and delicious mushroom roll is ready to eat.

Pizza Paratha

There aren’t many who does not love a delicious cheesy pizza. Pizza has become a universal food enjoyed by all. Pizza paratha is perfect for the times when you want to enjoy homemade pizza. Kawan Whole wheat paratha can also be used as a quick base for your pizza toppings. Customize your whole wheat pizza paratha with your favorite toppings. You can serve this for lunch, snack, or it will be a sure-hit among your kids.

Kebab Roll

Heat up Kawan whole wheat parathas. Spread some ketchup/mayo in the centre.  Add some chopped salad followed by the pieces of kababs. Add some more sauce, sprinkle some chilli powder or squeeze some lemon juice if you want the rolls spicy. Next, roll the paratha up. This snack makes a perfect starter for parties.

Chocolate Paratha Sandwich

Chocolate paratha sandwich is a yummy snack recipe that your kids will love! It is good change of recipe from the regular parathas snacks. Whole wheat chocolate paratha sandwich is healthier option compared to other ready-made chocolate based foods available in the stores.

If you love these paratha ideas and would like to try them out, log on to www.kawan.in and purchase whole wheat parathas or any paratha of your choice online and make these  delicious snacks for your loved ones.

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