Ways to show love to mom
15 Mar

You don’t have to wait for mother’s day to be nice to your mom. When your mom works tirelessly for you regardless of what day it is, why should you wait for any particular day to shower her with some love? So now comes the big question. How? Many people make the ultimate mistake of trying to compensate with gifts. Sure your mom deserves all the nice things on earth, but do you think that’s what she really really wants? If you got her something generic like flowers or jewellery, she would quietly accept your gift and then go right back to the kitchen and toil away all day long. What you need to give her is a break. Just one day of absolute relaxation. Here are a few ways that you can show your mom that you really truly appreciate her.

Talk to her

You were once a kid who never let go of her hand and wanted to spend time with no one else but her. As you grew, the time you spend together reduced. Spend some quality time with her. You could go an extra mile and even turn off your phone for the day to give her your undivided attention. Listen to her talk. Talk to her about your life. Make her laugh and remind her that you are still that little kid inside. For those of you all who lives away from your mother, call her or pick up the phone when she calls you and try and have a conversation that is longer than 2 minutes. This small gesture is sure to have her smiling all day long.

Take pictures together

As a new mom, she probably took pictures of you every 2 minutes. Childhood albums would be filled with pictures of you in every angle. How many pictures of your mom do you have in your phone? Well, get clicking. You don’t want to regret not making enough memories with your parents while you still had the chance. You could even pick out a few good snaps and give it to her enlarged and framed. Because trust me, you are her favourite masterpiece.

Help and Love her find a hobby

Even since she became a mother, her life’s biggest focus is probably you. Her interests, talent and passion often take a backseat. Try to get her to become more active. Help her find a new hobby. You could buy her a few potted plants to get her interested in gardening. Or set up a sewing machine. Or even buy her a musical instrument that she has always wanted to learn. Show her that she is not old enough to try new things and her personal life matters. Also teach her how to use social media so she can have access to a whole new world that she never thought possible.

Smile at her

This is one thing we take for granted. We tend to save our smiles for our friends, partners, colleagues and even annoying distant relatives. And home, our face is usually fixed with a constant frown. Isn’t that funny? Your mom was probably the first person you ever smiled at, and the only person who you can affect immensely simply by smiling at her. And yet, we have smiles for everyone else. Smile more at your mother. Don’t stop at smiles – warm hugs and kisses are totally underrated as well.  Sometimes, a hug or kiss can say volumes more than words ever could.

Cook for her

No matter how much your mom claims that she loves cooking for you, spending all day on her feet in a steaming hot kitchen can’t be that fun. Give her a break. Crank up the A/C and let her put her feet up and watch her favourite shows. Take over the kitchen atleast for a day every week. It’s okay if you don’t know the first thing about cooking. With Kawan Parathas, you can whip up a delicious desi meal is just minutes. It’s so simple that there is no way you can mess it up. If you are feeling a little adventurous, click here to try out some interesting recipes using Kawan Parathas.

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In these small ways, you can show your mom you care about her, and also gain a newfound respect and love for them as individuals

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