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01 Jun

As a mom, you always try to ensure that your kid eats the most nutritious and healthiest of foods. But we all know how much of a challenge that can be. Getting your kids to eat breakfast is one of the most tiresome tasks of the day that you have to deal with as a parent, especially if your kid is a fussy eater.

A high protein wholesome breakfast will help them get started with their day brimming with energy and strength. Read on to know few ideas for a high protein breakfast for your children.

Dairy Products

Include dairy products to your child’s breakfast meal to give him a delicious and healthy start to the day. Dairy products such as milk, yogurt, cheese slices and even paneer are a good source of protein. Make delicious milkshakes, cheese toasts, grilled cottage cheese to add more variety in their meal.


A healthy serving of salad in the morning will give your children the boost they required for the whole day. Jazz it up with bits of lean meats, scrambled eggs or crumbled paneer to make it extra- delicious and rich in protein.


Oatmeal is another satisfying and healthy high protein breakfast option for children. You can either whip up a creamy bowl of oatmeal porridge mixed with fruits and nuts, or add it to pancakes, smoothies, and other recipes to give it a healthy touch.

Whole Wheat Paratha Veggie Roll

For a desi breakfast option, you can’t go wrong with paratha. And with Kawan, making parathas early in the morning is no longer a hassle. Kawan’s Whole Wheat Paratha not only takes just 3 minutes to cook, but is also a great option if you’re looking for a healthy breakfast for kids. To make it even healthier, just use it to create a veggie roll, filled with multitudes of chopped vegetables which are a rich source of iron. Kawan whole wheat paratha with some veggies and salads rolled up is a good and healthy breakfast for kids.


Not all cereal is healthy. Loaded with sugar and artificial colours, most cereals can do more harm than good. Any cereal with 100% whole grain ingredients and a hearty combination of protein and fiber should be your safest bet. Top a bowl of wholegrain cereal with lots of chopped fruits and nuts. Adding a drizzle of honey as well will make this a healthy and completely safe protein rich breakfast for your kids.

Easy Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs are a nutritional powerhouse of protein-rich yumminess. Cook them to creamy perfection to get your child’s day off to a great start.

When protein is included with breakfast, it will help your children stay satisfied and full of energy till lunchtime. Follow the above ideas to make your kids healthier and happier.

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