kawan paratha perfect solution
28 Mar

Quite often we are stuck in a dilemma where we require food quickly without the hassle of the whole process of preparation. This is when frozen food options like Kawan Paratha becomes the perfect options. Here are six instances where Kawan Paratha can prove to be a life-saver.

  1. Unexpected Guests

Not every visit by friends or relative will be scheduled and once in a while, we’re faced with unexpected guests and no food in the house. All you need is 3 minutes to whip up a batch of Kawan Paratha, served with a dip – making a very simple and innovative snack.

  1. Long Day of Work

Whether you’re an office-goer or a homemaker, a long day can leave you exhausted. The thought of cooking dinner when you’re feeling so tired can be excruciating. Kawan Paratha takes minimum effort, letting you enjoy a delicious meal with the need for the whole tiresome process of kneading and rolling the perfect parathas.

  1. Hot Summer Days

Summers can be extreme in our country. Standing by a stove on a hot summer night, cooking meals that take forever to be ready is just torturous. Save yourself from the hassle with Kawan Paratha, which will effectively reduce your kitchen time.

  1. Lunch Box Meal

Deciding what to pack in your kids’ lunch box is a hassle most moms face. Kawan Paratha helps you with healthy variations in their lunch boxes every day. Serve it with cut up fruits drizzled with honey on one day, and with fresh veggies and cheese, the next day.

  1. Bad Cook

Not all of us is a maestro when it comes to the kitchen. Very often, we would love to pitch it and help with the cooking but is unable to get it right. With Kawan Paratha, there is literally no way to get it wrong. Just 3 minutes is all it takes – heat, flip and plate!


  1. Try New Recipes

If you’re the opposite of a bad cook and love trying out new recipes, then Kawan Parathas can be a handy tool. It is such a versatile product which can be used to create various types of dishes ranging from wraps and rolls to savoury dishes like puffs and samosas, or even for desserts like pies and crepes. Check out some of our recipes here.

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