Save time while cooking
05 May

India is a country with diverse cuisine. Each cuisine has its exceptionality. Indian cooking isn’t too difficult, but it can be time-consuming.  Chopping, grinding, kneading, rolling, frying, sauteing… cooking in an Indian kitchen can seem like a never ending process. And who wants to spend their entire day standing in a stifling hot kitchen, especially in these extreme summers.  The good news is that with various ready-to-eat and frozen food available online and in shops, it has become a lot easier to prepare Indian food and save cooking time too.!

This one is for all those Moms, who are striving to get a break from those long hours in the kitchen. Here are 6 simple ways to save time while cooking :

Start simple

Keep all your ingredients chopped and ready before you start cooking. Most Indian dishes utilize generous quantities of spices and condiments, so make sure your kitchen has a good supply of ingredients to use. Start small with dishes like dals, vegetable stir-fry or masala etc. Making easier recipes that you have eaten before, preferably not at restaurants, will help you understand how the various ingredients work together and prepare you for more complex and creative recipes.

Freeze extra ingredients

When you have tomato puree or ginger garlic paste in the freezer, you can cut down the preparation time by half. Preparing them fresh every day can be time-consuming, so next time, make a little extra and save it for future use.

Frozen parathas and rotis – a time saver!

Making parathas from scratch can be a tough and time-consuming task for beginners. But worry not! With Kawan’s Frozen Parathas, making healthy parathas now takes only 3 minutes. Just plop a sheet of Kawan’s frozen paratha on the tawa, heat it for 1.5 minutes on either side, throw on some healthy toppings, roll it up and you’re good to go. A whole meal ready is less than 3 minutes. Kawan Frozen paratha can saves your time in the kitchen. Kawan is one of the world’s leading brands of frozen parathas which are not only delicious but healthy and easy to make. With a wide range of options to choose from like Onion Paratha, Whole Wheat Paratha, Malabar Paratha and Tawa Paratha all readily available online, shopping at Kawan is one of the best ways you can make sure that you save a lot of time spend in the kitchen.  

Sauté the veggies before adding water

While preparing a vegetable curry or stir-fry, sauté the vegetables first. Add water only when they are partially done. This will save 5-10 minutes of cooking time.

Use Excess Vegetable Water

If you have any leftover water after boiling vegetables, use that to cook rice. It will offer an added punch of nutrition. So, make you don’t throw away the excess vegetable water anymore.

Cover the dish on boil

Covering the dish while cooking, not only saves fuel but also speeds the cooking process using built-up steam.

Now you are aware of essential elements that can help reduce your cooking time considerably. Try these hacks and make your life easier.


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