cook time
24 May

Being a working woman can be both liberating and stressful. Juggling so many issues in a day like work stress, family pressures, childcare, housework and much more can take a toll on anyone. The idea of regularly preparing a healthy dinner for the family can cause a lot of stress. After a hard day’s work, whipping up a meal – the cutting, the chopping, kneading, mixing and sauteing… It can be an endless process. And ordering food every day is not a feasible idea. Perhaps it’s cooking time to rethink the way we create meals, figure a way to decrease the burden so many women already bear.


The summer season makes another great reason to want to stay out of the kitchen. The unbearable heat combined with the countless hours of heat from the kitchen stove can be torturous. Opting for quick or cold meals would be the best option in such scenarios.  Salads, sandwiches and wraps are a few quick and easy options one can try out during summer seasons.


Kawan Paratha is one great product that many working moms have vouched for. A full desi meal ready in less than 3 minutes makes life so much easier and helps you save a lot of money as well.  We’d recommend Kawan to anyone who is still struggling to learn cooking or just don’t have the time to create elaborate meals on a daily basis. It is simple, delicious and budget-friendly.

If you are looking for a way to reduce your cooking burdens or  looking for a cost-effective and delicious everyday desi meal for you and your family, then head over to today and choose from a wide range of premium quality parathas.

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