Eat healthy when your busy
29 Nov

In this modern busy world everyone is busy with their personal and professional life. Whether you are a parent, single and starting your own business, or doing a full time job, you would have felt the pain that comes with balancing several obligations. Busy professionals cannot waste a  second of their day. For all these to happen smoothly you need to have energy to keep moving. But many of us end up skipping our meals due to this hectic lifestyle. These days eating healthy is a challenge in these hard working situations. Sacrificing on eating healthy for your busy schedule can be a great problem to your health. There are few thing that you can do to keep yourself healthy while going through your busy day. Simple changes can make a difference in our energy levels and your overall health.

Here are 5 easy ways to eat healthy even though you think you do have enough time to do so.

Make simple breakfast a priority

People tend to neglect the first meal of the day as they are in a rush during the mornings preparing to go to work. Breakfast is very crucial in the getting the body ready for the day. Skipping breakfasts can cause many health problems. Having simple breakfasts like whole wheat bread, scrambled eggs, multigrain parathas, Salads etc can help you fill your stomach as well as stay healthy. Kawan paratha has introduced healthy parathas which includes whole wheat and multigrain paratha which can be prepared in 3 minutes and fits well into a corporate person busy lifestyle. Kawan Paratha India has also launched its new Online Website making life convenient for mothers, parents, single bachelors who cannot find time to prepare a Quick meal in the morning.

Choose a Better Alternative to Take-out

Eating out is inevitable for a person having a busy lifestyle. However that does not mean you have to settle for junk food every time. When you are at a restaurant or ordering for a take away, make sure you order healthy food rather than greasy or fried eatables. Almost all restaurant chains have healthy dining options to attract health-conscious customers. Try to stick with grilled instead of fried and choose sides like fruits, soups, and salads over fries or any fatty foods. By following this you can surely eat healthy during your busy schedules.

Make Your Own Freezer Meals

When it comes to saving time, frozen foods are your best friend. Frozen foods not only save your time in the kitchen but also are healthy and tasty. The best example for this is Kawan paratha which is a largest global paratha brand and now available across India with Delivery only in Mumbai and Delhi at this moment. These Parathas can be prepared in just 3 minutes and fits into everyone’s busy lifestyles. There would be days where you do not feel like cooking due to  the hectic lifestyle, all you need to do is stock your fridge with varieties of kawan paratha. They have different types of parathas which include multigrain and whole wheat parathas which is very healthy, consistent and tasty. Varieties of snack can be prepared with paratha, to experiment few recipes visit

Choose Quality

Eating healthy with a busy lifestyle seems to be a task for many. Choosing quality food is one the ways to eat and stay healthy. Make sure most of your diet includes nutrient-dense foods. This would let you achieve more with less intake of other junk food. Avoid sugar and empty calories and instead focus on making sure each snack and meal packs as healthier as possible. Fueling your body and mind is important to accomplish all your tasks successfully.

Keep Healthy Snacks at your desk

Keeping healthy snacks at your desk can keep your energy and your blood sugar stable during your busy schedules. Prepare your own healthy snack so that you won’t be tempted by any unhealthy choices available at office. Have a stock of dried fruits, mixed nuts, a bar of dark chocolate or whole grain snacks instead of chips or cookies at your desk. This way eat healthy even during your busy schedules at office.

As we are now aware of the tips to stay healthy even when you are super busy, follow the same to take care of your mind and body to be more productive and have energy throughout the day.



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