Surprising facts about frozen food
26 Oct

Clarence Birdseye is the one who invented the quick freezing method in 1924 which produces the type of frozen foods that we know today. Many people believe that freezing foods reduces the nutrient benefits; however freezing actually locks in many of the nutrients. Frozen foods are more nutritious than canned foods due to the method of processing.

  • Frozen food is safe as it is stored constantly at 0 °F. Freezing preserves food for longer periods because it prevents the growth of microorganisms that cause both food spoilage and food-borne illness. When we think of food items in a country like India where food items go through several fluctuations of temperatures from the manufacturer to consumer who purchases them from a supermarket or any a vendor on the street. Whether it be fruits, vegetables, meat or Indian bread, they shift from one supplier to the other causing the nutritions to depreciate unlike frozen food. They stay in one state which is frozen.
  • Frozen Foods are Nutritious and healthy . As freezing locks in the flavor and nutrients of the foods, frozen foods are  as rich in nutrients, and more often than that of fresh-stored produce. This shows that there is no harm in using frozen products as part of your food intake. Look at countries in the west, every household has their freezer filled with frozen food. Kawan Paratha being a global brand, it’s widely used at homes across the world. Unlike Indian Bread found in stores or made at home. Kawan Paratha has a Freezer life of 18 months.
  • Pre-portioned frozen meal options can really help control the amount of sodium in your diet. Not all frozen foods are high in Sodium. Also Pre-portioned meals helps people who live a busy lifestyle. Whether you work full-time, attend college, own your own business, run a household you don’t always find time to make yourself a nutritious meals. We are not saying you should be dependent of Frozen food all the time. But living a busy life, have your freezer with varieties of frozen vegetarian or frozen non-vegetarian items.
  • Frozen meals can be a great source of Proteins as it contains no additives or preservatives.
  • Frozen foods are easy to prepare as frozen fruits and vegetables come peeled, pre-cut and ready to cook or eat.  No washing or cutting is required, which saves time and reduces waste. Today we have the widest variety of great-tasting food in the frozen segment. Kawan paratha is one such example of frozen food which helps a person reduce the time spent in the kitchen. It has great taste which leads people to buy more of these parathas.
  • Frozen food reduces wastage and helps one to make to smart food choices. The portion-controlled packaging of many frozen entrees and sides makes them the all-around clear choice for consumers seeking well-balanced, nutritious meals for themselves and their families.

Frozen food is now an important part of everyone’s life due to its convenience. Kawan parathas which is in the  frozen segment represents the wholesome goodness of home prepared foods, enjoyed by families throughout the world. Kawan parathas use only the finest ingredients- with no transfatty acids and preservatives to contribute to a healthier lifestyle. Now that these parathas are available online with free delivery in Mumbai and Delhi makes it more helpful for people with an On-the-go Lifestyle in metro cities around India.



Image Courtesy : Google