Cooking tips for busy people
26 Sep

Most of us today, lead a busy hectic life and find it difficult to make time to even eat properly. No matter if one is single or with family, finding time to cook a meal has become a hard task these days. Let us have a look at the ways cooking can be made less time-consuming and easier for people leading a busy lifestyle.

Stock up the pantry. Have your non perishable items well stocked so that you don’t have to go searching for it at the time of cooking. Keep the things that you use regularly in a place that is easily accessible while cooking.

Cook your meal the night before. If you have more time in the evening than in the morning, prepare your tiffin/meal the night before. If not the entire cooking, chopping of vegetable, marinating etc can be done before so that it becomes easier to cook the morning. Make sure you do not miss your breakfast as it is the important meal of the day. At Kawan we have some quick remedies visit

Freezer cooking. When you are all set to cook on a holiday, start by simply making a double batch of a meal once a week and store it in the freezer for another week.. Doing this once a week will save almost an entire week worth of cooking. These days there are varieties of frozen food available in the market which makes life much easier.

Keep it simple. It is not necessary to spend hours in the kitchen or use dozens of ingredients to prepare a tasty meal. Have your favorite quick meal recipes in your top go-to cookbooks. At Kawan we have made few videos on how you can prepare food in a jiffy, click on this link to watch our videos and subscribe to our channel

Kawan parathas makes our life much easier as it fits into a 3 minute lifestyle. All you need to do is to take it out of the pack, heat it for 3 minute and serve hot with your favorite curry or yogurt or pickle. Kawan fits into all lifestyles and save your time of cooking amidst your on the go lifestyle.

With a little rearranging of time management and cooking techniques you can still enjoy home cooked meals even with a busy lifestyle.



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