Easy cooking for busy people- Kawan paratha India
19 Sep

With Economic progress and technological advancement one would think that working hours would be shorter considerably in a day, but this is not the case these days. Everybody, from parents to professionals, and even designers and sales people, everyone everywhere seems to be busy. In the corporate world there seems to be no time for anyone in any department. The busy Lifestyles of Executives all over the globe cannot find time to breath, and the matter has only grown more acute in recent years. Working parents find this problem even more difficult as they have to manage their home, children, spouse, and cooking to say the least. Mothers can now make their love visible in 3 Minutes on a Breakfast table.

Between all the chaos that has become a profound part of your Lifestyle, eating food on time has become less of a priority. We at KAWAN have made life easier for those on the run, for those who fit into the, “3 Minute Lifestyle”. Now, missing your breakfast “the most important meal of the day”, or your Lunch or dinner or even a snack between meals does not need to be an option. With the simplicity of taking KAWAN Paratha from the freezer to a hot tawa, you have a hot meal ready in exactly 3 Minutes on your table. KAWAN products confirm to the highest health and food standards around the world. Maintaining strict standards also means constant checks on all ingredients and processes. Now you can eat your meals with confidence and fulfill your appetite at any given time of the day.




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