Healthy resolution kawan paratha
12 Jan

Every year, losing weight, eating healthy, and getting fit tops the lists of many  New Year’s resolutions. And most of these goals are usually abandoned by the end of January. We’re here to tell you how you can take some small steps that yield big results so that 2019 can be your healthiest year ever.


No-no to sugar!

Reducing your sugar intake can be a gradual and tiresome process. But the results are definitely worth it. Start slow. Try one spoon of sugar instead on 2 or 3 in your coffee. Swap it with honey or agave. You’ll soon find out that you don’t need it as much as you once thought.

Veggies for breakfast,lunch or dinner!

We all know that vegetables are brimming with health nutrients which is crucial for your body. Try to keep at least one meal of your day completely vegetarian. With Kawan paratha, you can whip up a simple veggie wrap as a perfect breakfast, lunch or dinner option in just minutes.

Whole wheat is the way to go!

Eating a variety of whole grains ensures that you get more health-promoting nutrients. Whole wheat can provide your body with more nutrients, fiber and vitamins. The easiest way to consume more whole wheat is to opt for Kawan’s Whole Wheat Parathas, which can be cooked and ready to eat in just 3 minutes!

Eat out less often

Eating out was once considered a luxury but is now a part of life for most urbanites. With the rise of online food delivery, a home cooked meal is turning into a rarity in most houses. When you’re not cooking, you have less control over what you’re actually eating, and all of these celebrations can unintentionally lead to consuming extra fat, salt, and sugar. If you’re a totally hopeless cook, then opt for healthy frozen options like Kawan Parathas, which is both healthy and super simple to make.

Get fruity!

Usually when people crave a snack they tend to reach for a pack of chips or a biscuits. This year, try to fill your home with fruits and make it a point to eat at least two a day. Healthy and refreshing!

With these small but simple steps, you are sure to be on a path to a happier and healthier self this new year!

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