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31 Jul

Have you heard the adage – “Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper”. We Indians immensely follow this aphorism, and that too in good terms, because it could be the best way to stay healthy. Indian food is often thought to be heavier on carbs as compared to continental breakfast. However, our desi breakfast is considered to be one of the healthiest ones and a great way to kick start the day feeling refreshed and strong. 

Indian breakfast dishes consists of an enormous variety that differs from place to place. North Indian breakfast food normally consists of paratha, poha, roti, poori, Thepla, Dhokla, Patra, Kadubu, Cheela and so on. South Indians normally feast on dishes like idli, dosa, appam, Pongal, puttu, upma to name a few. India having had a rich tradition of producing and consuming rice, wheat, vegetables and spices, most of the meals consist of items prepared from these produces. Depending on the type of agricultural land and climate, the consumption ratio between rice and wheat-based products vary from region to region.

Food items like bread, jam, butter, corn flakes, oats, noodles etc came to India in phases during several foreign rules. Even though they have become an integral part of the Indians’ breakfast menu in modern times, the essence of Indian cuisine still remains the same. Paratha is one of the most famous breakfast dishes in India, particularly in Punjab. Parathas can be a healthy breakfast depending on how you consume it. With limited butter or ghee, served with a side of fresh dahi/curd, paratha is one dish that will have you up and going the entire day!

The reason American breakfast is so popular is that it basically just dessert disguised as breakfast. Chocolatey pancakes drizzled with syrup, colourful cereal, donuts and muffins filled with jelly – it’s every child’s delight but will guarantee a trip to the dentist in the near future. Moreover greasy eggs and bacon, fried hash browns and jams and jellies can also cause serious health issues in the long run. 

We tend to opt for these western breakfast items because they’re quicker and easier to make than an elaborate Indian breakfast. But with products like Kawan Paratha in the market, whipping up a simple Indian breakfast in the morning is almost effortless. Ready in less than 3 minutes, Kawan Paratha is one of the best and healthiest breakfast options if you are hoping to go desi. With a range of flavours like Onion, Tawa, Flakey Parathas and healthy options like Wholewheat and Multigrain Paratha, Kawan has something for everyone!

Order today and try these delicious Paratha Recipes and start your day with a healthy twist!

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