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05 Jul

When you think of South Indian cuisine, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Dosa? Idli? Rice on a shiny green leaf with countless colourful side dishes? While these dishes are legendary on its own, we tend to always overlook one of the best-loved dishes that is so versatile both in taste and variety. The Malabar Paratha or Parotta/Barota as is known in South India is a thing of immense joy. A speciality in Kerala where it is usually paired with a spicy curry, these fluffy golden delights are actually a perfect accompaniment to any dish – vegetarian or non-vegetarian. An immensely popular street food across South India, Malabar Paratha is also a constant in various festivals, weddings and celebratory events. While North Indian Tawa Paratha, Onion Parathas and Whole wheat Parathas have a distinct taste of its own, Malabar Parathas are lighter, flakier – crispy yet soft and heavenly. This unleavened flatbread with layer after layer of delicious crisp- soft yumminess is the ultimate comfort food for many.

It can be very difficult to get hold of Malabar Paratha in cities like Mumbai and Delhi. And it is even more tough to make one yourself. In Tamil Nadu the cooks who create these parottas are called “parotta masters”. Flipping the dough, slapping it quickly on the greased table top and spinning it, making the perfect parotta is almost like an art and requires a lot of skill, time and patience.

So does that mean you have to take a trip all the way to Kerala or Tamil Nadu to enjoy a plate full of steaming hot parotta? Wrong. Kawan, India’s number one producers of frozen parathas bring you Kawan Malabar Paratha. Soft, fluffy and on par with authentic Kerala Parottas, these parathas are super simple and easy to make. Just remove it from the package, heat both sides on a pan until it turns golden brown. Remove it from the pan and using both hands, gather the sides of it giving it a quick crush so as to open up the layers and makes it flakier.

Kawan’s Classic Malabar Parathas come in packs of 7 pieces as well as packs of 17 pieces. It is one of the easiest ways in which you can try out this gorgeous delicacy without going through the troubles of making it from scratch. And trust us, it is definitely worth a try!

So hurry on over to Malabar Paratha and order your pack today! You can also choose from other delectable range of Parathas as well. So go ahead and gift your tastebuds with the goodness that is Malabar Paratha!

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