tips to eat healthy at work
14 Sep

Many people fail in their actions to maintain a healthy diet because they do not know how to eat healthy at work. Most of us spend our waking hours at work and do not really give importance to nutritious habits. This can have a major impact on your health. Since you will be spending a lot of time at work place, you will be tempted to eat unhealthy food. Small changes in your lifestyle and eating habits can bring about a lot of difference in your health. If you want to learn how to eat healthy at work, you can follow these helpful tips:

Take Lunch With You

Making your own meal is always and any day better than eating out every single day. When you prepare your lunch you would know the exact quantity of that you are consuming. Choosing healthy or nutritious foods will help you build energy and motivation to get you through the afternoon. All you need to do is spend a little extra time in the evening to put together a healthy lunch for the next day which would make you feel better all day long. Kawan paratha is a good choice when it comes to preparing a quick and healthy meal.They have a wide range of parathas which include whole wheat and multigrain parathas. If you have 3 minutes you can make your own paratha and roll it up with some veggies/ meat and your meal is ready !

Stay Hydrated

When you have a busy day, you are most likely to forget to drink water throughout the day. Water is an important part of your workplace diet. Dehydration can cause tiredness and can lead to headache, poor concentration and sometimes feeling hungry can be a sign of thirst. To avoid this, keep a bottle of water at your desk or make a habit to go to water cooler regularly to fill in your glass. Drinking 6-8 glasses of water can do wonders to your health.

Pack Healthy Snack

Bring nutritional and healthy snacks to work so that you can avoid eating junk when feel hungry. Have a stock of dried fruits, mixed nuts, whole wheat biscuits, a bar of dark chocolate, whole grain snacks etc instead of chips or cookies at your desk. This way you can eat healthy even during your busy schedules at work.

Avoid Junk Food

Junk food unfortunately is the fastest and easy way to satisfy your hunger. Instead have healthy snacks like mixed nuts, dried fruits etc when you are hungry. Have a good healthy breakfast before you come to work so that you will be full for a longer period of time.

Reduce Coffee Intake

Coffee is one of the most frequently consumed beverages at the workplace as it has an energizing effect. However, it can be harmful to your health because it contains caffeine. It is also high in calories when it is consumed with sugar and cream. Since coffee is addictive, you may find it difficult to avoid it completely. Try to drink just one small cup a day without sugar and cream.

As we are now aware of what to eat when you are at work to have a good health, try to follow these methods/ tips to enjoy a good healthy life even amidst you busy hectic schedule.

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