Healthy Foods to Pack When You Travel
18 Jul

Most of us would love to travel around and see new places. Travelling can also be a business trip or a weekend getaway. Maintaining a healthy eating habit while travelling can be  big challenge for most of them. Avoid eating unhealthy food during a travel could be a difficult task, but there ways which we can eat healthy while traveling and keep going strong. Let us have a look at some healthy food ideas, what needs to be done before leaving and what to do during the trip to make eating healthy simple and easy.

Veggies and Fruit

Veggies and fresh fruits are something that you should carry while travelling. They help you to control your hunger pangs. Have more fruits when you feel hungry and avoid eating out at a fast food restaurant during your travel. Make it easy by throwing a handy fruit in your bag. Apples and bananas are great for this.

Dried Fruit and Nut Mix

Mix your favorite combination and put them into the perfectly portioned snack bags. Cashews, pistachios and dried cranberries, raisins and almonds are some of the dried fruits good for travel. For a lower calorie option, add a high fiber cereal. Dried fruits and nuts won’t go bad, and it’s easy to access during a busy day.

Stay Hydrated

It is very important to stay hydrated while traveling. Dehydration can result in headaches, muscle cramps, exhaustion, and reduced concentration. Make sure you have enough water and herbal teas to keep you going. If you are prone to stomach problems or nausea, pack a few herbal tea bags such as ginger.

Kawan Paratha Rolls / Sandwich

Prepare veg roll with Kawan which not only tastes great but are healthy. Fill kawan whole wheat/ multigrain paratha with some salad and a nice piece of Kebab of your choice. These handheld treats travel well and are filling and finger-friendly.  Kawan now offers Buy 1 get 1 free deals for Multigrain Parathas which is healthy and tastes delicious.

Granola Bars

Pack yourself a pack of granola bars which give you a boost of energy .Unlike sugary snacks that will leave you lethargic after a sugar crash, granola bars provide manganese as source of energy. It is a very healthy diet during your travel.

All of these tips can help you eat healthy food while traveling. So remember to take travel foods that are healthy, full of nutrients, and hydrating. Also don’t forget to enjoy yourself on exploring all that new cuisines have to offer.

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