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25 Apr

 Kawan Paratha Solved my Cooking Woes

Cooking is a tricky task. Not knowing how to cook can be troublesome for many, especially if you’re expected to feed a family. Here is how Kawan Paratha helped Chitra Desai overcame this problem:

I’ve never been a person who’s been interested in cooking of any sort right from the beginning. After I got married and moved to a new city with my husband, my lack of cooking skills was one of the biggest worries I had to face. Most of my experimenting led to failures and we ended up ordering in. The money that we spent on ordering food from restaurants was surpassing our budget and we had to figure out a solution. Since we were both starting out in new jobs, hiring a cook for just the two of us seemed expensive as well. That’s when I came across Kawan Paratha.

In my childhood days, I had watched my mother carefully and painstakingly knead, roll and create beautiful golden parathas every morning for breakfast. I’d watched with fascination at the complicated steps to create something so delicious that it’d be gone in a second. In my days of trial and errors cooking experiments, paratha was one thing I was just not able to perfect no matter how many times I tried. So imagine my joy when I tasted my first batch of Kawan Paratha and found myself instantly transported to my mother’s kitchen eating paratha she’d made with her own hands. Kawan brought forth a cloud of nostalgia that had me smiling the rest of the day.

The best part about Kawan Paratha is that no one, not even a terrible cook like me can screw it up! It’s that simple. Just take it out of its pack, let it thaw, toss it onto a heated pan, flip and wait till it turns into that delicious golden brown and you’re done! I sprinkle it with a healthy dose of ghee too. I usually pair it with channa masala (which thankfully I can make) or dahi and achar.

My husband loves it too. Since he is a bit health conscious, I pick up Kawan Multigrain Paratha or Whole wheat Paratha for him, whereas I love munching on Kawan Malabar Paratha and Flakey Paratha. We sometimes take leftover parathas in our lunchbox to work to save money on cafeteria food.

Kawan Paratha has been the best discovery I have made so far which has made my life a lot easier and helped me save so much money spent on eating out. I’d recommend Kawan to anyone who is still struggling to learn cooking or just don’t have the time to create elaborate meals on a daily basis. It’s simple, delicious and budget-friendly.

If you’re not a pro in the kitchen but is looking for a cost-effective and delicious everyday meal for you and your family, then head over to today and choose from a wide range of premium quality parathas.

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