Recipes for Vegetarians
20 Jun

Parathas are the most popular Indian Snacks item and one of the simple Indian food to prepare in less time. To make our lives even simpler we have Kawan Paratha  which is one of the largest manufacturer of frozen Asian food delicacies in Malaysia.  Kawan, specialized in frozen parathas, has been widely accepted by the Indian consumers in India and abroad. Kawan uses only the finest ingredients- with no trans fatty acids and preservatives to contribute to a healthier lifestyle.  It is a choice of east food for the vegetarians. There are number of ways to make delicious food items with kawan paratha. It is simple & easy to prepare and saves your time in the kitchen.

Veg Paratha Samosa

These Paratha Samosas are a delicious twist on traditional samosas . Who doesn’t enjoy samosas or parathas? Ingredients used are the same as samosas, with the difference that they are stuffed inside the kawan paratha. And they taste absolutely delicious!  You can now enjoy both your favorites (samosa and paratha) at the same time.

Veg Kothu Paratha

Kothu parotta is a popular  food in South India. Vegetables, shredded paratha and other ingredients are mixed together with heavy iron spatula, finally served with Raita. This makes one complete meal for the vegetarians.

Pizza Paratha

Pizza is all time and favourite to ever one.  Kawan paratha can be used as a quick base for your pizza toppings. Customize your kawan pizza paratha with your favorite veg toppings. You can serve this for lunch, snack, or it will be a sure-hit among your kids.

Paratha Veg Roll

Wraps and rolls make for the easiest on-the go grub. Wrap in a mushy mixture of fresh veggies, beans and spices in kawan paratha and do not forget some cheese! Take a bite and savour the delight!

Now you know why Kawan Paratha is a great choice for vegetarians. If you love parathas, try the above varieties of paratha dishes.

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